Bifacial solar panels lose their Section 201 tariff exemption

The back and forth finally seems to be over. The United States Court of International Trade released its decision today on whether bifacial solar modules should be included again under the Section 201 tariff on imported solar panels.

Judge Gary S. Katzmann decided to revoke bifacial modules’ exemption from the tariffs, and put them back under tax status, effective immediately.

This comes after President Trump issued an Executive Order last month recommending an increase in the overall tariff amount and an end to bifacial’s exemption.

The solar industry was the first market to feel the hit of tariffs brought on by Trump in 2018. Beginning in February 2018, imported crystalline silicon cells, modules and AC/integrated modules were tariffed 30% as part of a four-year outline. Imports received a 25% tariff in 2019, a 20% tariff in 2020 and were scheduled for a 15% tariff in 2021. Bifacial modules first received full exemption in June 2019. Today that ends.

All types of imported crystalline silicon solar panels (except for a few minor exemptions) will continue to receive a 20% tariff through February 2021. Trump succeeded in increasing the 2021 tariff amount from 15% to 18%. All imported solar panels will have an 18% tax beginning in February 2021.