Chemical supplier Ashland installs 904-kW solar carport project at Delaware HQ

Chemical supplier Ashland moved its headquarters three years ago from Kentucky to Wilmington, Delaware, and has been working on local sustainability initiatives. In addition to increasing the quality and amount of wildlife habitat on corporate lands, the company has now installed a 904-kW solar carport project in Wilmington. Constellation Energy, a subsidiary of Exelon, built the project.

To date, solar energy carport structures have been installed for both visitor and employee parking lots on the Wilmington campus, creating a very visible public commitment to sustainability for Ashland. Working with Edison Energy as their project advisor and technical consultant, Ashland and Constellation broke ground on the project in January 2020. The solar carport was officially completed in October 2020 and is already delivering clean energy to the campus.

“We applaud the leadership and commitment Ashland has demonstrated toward creating a more sustainable future,” said Oded J. Rhone, CEO of Edison Energy. “Setting ambitions goals across sourcing, operations, and product solutions represent a major milestone for a company with such complex operations. Edison Energy is honored to work with a leading organization that is focused on mitigating its climate-related business footprint with a focused renewable energy and sustainability strategy.”

As Ashland progresses along the corporate sustainability journey and advances towards its 2025 goals, the company has already begun several additional efforts to reduce carbon emissions and pursue more renewable energy for their global facilities.

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