CleanSpark upgrades customer reports in microgrid proposal software

CleanSpark announced a release upgrade to its mVSO, microgrid Value Stream Optimizer. mVSO is CleanSpark’s microgrid planning and proposal software for energy, solar and storage developers as well as EPC firms.

The latest release to mVSO includes significant enhancements to all customer-facing reports and financial analyses. Report interfaces have been redesigned from the ground-up to provide clear, concise and compelling graphics and tables to help project developers collaborate with their customers to identify the optimal solution to meet their needs. From top-level financial metrics across a 20-year project lifetime to sample operational charts with 15-minute resolution, every aspect of the proposed microgrid is described and explained in terms the most non-technical customer can understand. These clearly defined outcomes are an invaluable tool in growing the sales channels for all types of energy providers, especially with the recent impetus on expansion of renewable energy initiatives under the new Administration.

mVSO can now seamlessly ingest outputs from a variety of other renewable energy related software, including Helioscope, PVSyst and PVWatts modeling systems. The software continues to accept custom rate structures as well as hourly interval data in simple Excel and CSV file formats.

“We made these significant improvements not only based on feedback from our current users, but also on our own modeling experience during direct sales of our mPulse controller. We have crafted the outputs to accurately tell a story that addresses capital expenditure and return, utility consumption, detailed savings breakdown, and the interplay of the different distributed energy resources within the microgrid itself,” said CleanSpark chief technology officer, Amanda Kabak.

“In addition to improved reporting, mVSO now supports integrating with externally modeled solar data. This request arose from current and potential customers to expand their offering processes. Many of our mVSO customers are experienced solar project developers having numerous existing — and complementary — tools at their disposal,” Kabak added.

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