Core Development Group to install solar on 30 Extra Space Storage properties

Solar developer Core Development Group has been awarded a development contract to install solar on 30 properties owned by Extra Space Storage. Core Development Group will be responsible for the design, development, and project management of PV systems.

“We are incredibly proud and excited to partner with such an esteemed and like-minded company as Extra Space Storage,” said Henry Cortes, Owner and Founder of Core Development Group. “I know our collaborative efforts will have a positive impact on the environment and climate goals in multiple U.S. regions.”

The RFP, which included over 100 properties, is part of Extra Space’s continued commitment to sustainability through renewable energy. The company was named the top U.S. self-storage company for sustainability by GRESB, JUST Capital and Sustainalytics in 2020. The company already has solar installations on many of its properties and was previously listed on the “Top 25 Corporate Users by Number of Solar Installations” by SEIA.

“Extra Space is pleased to launch a new partnership with Core Development Group to work together to create more clean, renewable solar energy, At Extra Space, our solar program is part of our larger sustainability goals. We believe that through these efforts, we can do what is best for our employees, our customers, our shareholders, our communities, and the environment,” said Kurt Gnessin, Vice President of Facility Services at Extra Space Storage.

News item from CDG