EnergyLink3 and C4V develop cobalt-free lithium battery for use on agricultural solar projects

Energylink3 has developed a less toxic lithium battery storage system for use in agriculture and environmentally sensitive areas to store energy from farm-based and rural solar arrays. EnergyLink3 batteries will be manufactured in New York at a former IBM campus by C4V and iM3, which has been supported by a $13.25 million investment by Governor Cuomo’s administration, making it the world’s seventh Gigafactory.

Energylink3 has partnered with C4V, the first lithium battery manufacturer to produce more than 80% of its battery components in the United States, to support the development of battery and energy management systems for the U.S. Department of Defense, in 2020. EnergyLink3 has adapted its experience and knowledge of the Defense sector to provide less toxic, more fire-resistant, cobalt and nickel free batteries to rural energy producers, farmers who have adopted solar energy arrays and mobile solutions. Like the military, farmers are concerned with the chemical composition and fire hazards posed by lithium-ion technology and EnergyLink3 aims to solve these issues with its independently validated chemistry which reduces risk in areas where food production is paramount.

“Our revolutionary cobalt-free battery allows us to provide battery storage solutions that decrease risk to the surrounding farmland and communities,” says Sumanth Chepuri, president and CEO of EnergyLink3.

EnergyLink3 has been expediting its commercialization through the F3 Tech Accelerator Program, which it was admitted to in September. The program has helped provide focus on EnergyLink3’s targeted customers, adaptation to emerging markets and pilot program needs to validate its recent innovations. The F3 Tech Accelerator Program offers access to experts in manufacturing, operations, marketing, investments, financial readiness and strategy.

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