Four community solar arrays in Denver to open to both residential and commercial customers

Namasté Solar has broken ground on four new community solar projects in the Denver-metro-area, along with UX Solar, a joint-venture partnership between Excelsior Energy Capital and Unico Solar Investors. The projects total 8 MW of solar capacity for Xcel Energy.

While previous projects through Xcel’s community solar program have primarily served the public sector, this community solar portfolio will operate on a mixed subscription-based model, providing large-scale access to solar energy for both residential and private commercial customers. Seventy-five percent of the renewable power will be provided to 16 buildings owned by Unico Properties in Boulder and Denver. The remaining 25% will be sold to residential customers.

“We are excited to have received these awards in the 2019 Community Solar*Rewards Program amongst a competitive field,” said Jason Sharpe, Co-Owner and CEO at Namasté Solar. “The Namaste Solar team brought 15 years of local experience in Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards programs to this portfolio which proved invaluable over the last year of development. Now, having broken ground, we look forward to leveraging our in-house designs and employee-owner lead construction team to build high quality, reliable systems and bring more renewable energy to our local communities.”

News item from Unico