McDonald’s signs three more virtual PPAs for 1.13 GW of renewable power

McDonald’s has announced its continued commitment to climate action through the signing of three new virtual power purchase agreements for two wind farms and one portfolio of solar projects in the United States. The virtual PPA will total 1,130 MW (547 MW wind, 583 MW solar).

Last year, the restaurant chain signed two virtual PPAs for 380 MW of solar and wind in Texas.

“The COVID 19 pandemic has intensified McDonald’s focus on strengthening the resilience of our communities and the planet,” said Jenny McColloch, Vice President, Sustainability. “As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen climate resiliency with our network of franchisees and supplier partners. The impacts of these U.S.-based VPPA deals for renewable energy represent significant milestones toward our science based target for 2030, and serve as meaningful examples of the solutions we are employing throughout our system to drive climate action and add more renewable energy to the grid.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed the wind farms will be located in Oklahoma and Illinois, while the 583-MW solar portfolio will be built in North Carolina and Ohio.

“The addition of these VPPA transactions demonstrates McDonald’s continued leadership in the renewable energy space, as well as their commitment to supporting local communities where they serve,” said Miranda Ballentine, CEO, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA). “These projects will not only provide more U.S. communities greater access to clean energy, but they will also stimulate local economies through job creation. As one of the nation’s leading corporate buyers of renewable energy in 2020, McDonald’s level of investment in clean energy serves as an inspiration to the entire REBA community.”