New York school district adding solar system with Ameresco energy efficiency renovations

Ameresco, a clean technology integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, announced its selection from a competitive bid for Phase II renovations with Nyack Public Schools in Orangetown, New York. The contract is an 18-year energy savings agreement, including photovoltaic solar, which guarantees a minimum level of energy cost savings to Nyack Public Schools over the full term of the contract.

The energy conservation measures identified represent an investment by Ameresco totaling $3.5 million. In the first year alone, Nyack Public School District will receive guaranteed savings of $187,418. The partnership will not only help Nyack address its energy-related sustainability goals but also provide needed facility upgrades while creating future energy savings.

Ameresco will provide energy efficiency upgrades across seven facilities, including one high school, one middle school, three elementary schools, one administrative building and one garage totaling 521,180 square feet. Facility upgrades slated for the selected buildings involve improving interior and exterior lighting systems, adding 1.27 MW solar PV arrays (across the five schools) and demand-controlled ventilation, updating faucet aerators and improving building envelopment and kitchen walk-in cooler efficiency.

“As a public school, our goal is to create a better and brighter future for the generations of tomorrow,” said Gloria Menoutis, school business executive, Nyack Public Schools. “By entering into an Energy Savings Agreement of this magnitude with Ameresco, we can confidently say that we’re teaching our students an honorable lesson in the importance of sustainability and modern stewardship.”

The long-term, collaborative partnership will result in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the school.

“We’re eager to continue making a positive environmental and economic impact, delivered through guaranteed energy savings projects, across educational institutions,” said David J. Anderson, executive VP and director, Ameresco. “Through the implementation of innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions across Nyack School District facilities, we have the unique opportunity to demonstrate the importance of responsible energy management solutions to this country’s future leaders at such a young and impressionable age. My hope is that these innovative energy projects inspire students to pursue meaningful careers in science and engineering, particularly in the field of distributed renewable energy.”

Construction on Nyack Public School District’s facility buildings is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2021.

News item from Ameresco