Orbital Solar Services named EPC for Akon’s U.S. utility-scale solar venture

North Carolina-based installer Orbital Solar Services has been named the EPC company of choice for the newly formed Black Sunrise Half Century Fund.

As announced by singer and philanthropist Akon at President Biden’s “Clean Energy for America” Inaugural Ball, OSS is partnering with Akon, Akon Lighting America and the Black Sunrise Half Century Fund to decommission coal-fired power plants throughout the United States and convert them into utility-scale solar energy farms. OSS is responsible for providing full EPC services for these solar facilities, beginning in the second quarter of 2021.

The Black Sunrise Fund was created in conjunction with Akon Lighting America, a developer of clean energy projects across the globe, to bring large-scale solar power to North America by remediating now redundant coal facilities and converting the sites into utility-scale solar farms. Over the next three years, BSF expects to build over 1 GW of solar power with a beginning investment of $725 million.

“We are now entering a new age of solar development in our nation. Through this partnership with the Black Sunrise Fund and Akon Lighting America, we are committed to fostering greater diversity within the industry, ensuring that people of color and minority-run businesses have ample opportunities to join in this expansion,” said OSS CEO Brandon Martin.

“This joint venture between Orbital Solar and the Black Sunrise Fund is the first of many energy projects that will systemically change energy infrastructure in North America — opening up significant opportunities for black entrepreneurs and black-owned companies throughout the industry. It furthers my commitment to diversify this industry while increasing the opportunities and quality of life for people in need around the world. I look forward to working with Brandon Martin, his team, and the entire Orbital Energy Group to change the face of energy management, infrastructure, production and delivery throughout the nation,” said Akon.

News item from Orbital Energy Group