Power Edison to supply 12-MWh mobile battery system to U.S. utility

Utility-scale mobile energy storage solution provider Power Edison announced it has been contracted by a U.S. utility to deliver a 3-MW/12-MWh mobile battery system this year. The lithium-based energy storage system will be sited on trailers.

Renderings of Power Edison’s mobile storage offerings

“We’re engaged with industry-leading utilities on mobile storage, developing techno-economic analyses, advanced engineered solutions, utility filings and commercial deployments,” said Shihab Kuran, Ph.D., CEO of Power Edison. “Mobile and flexible solutions provide higher reliability and unlock additional benefits for electric utilities enabling them to make prudent investments on behalf of their ratepayers.”

Power Edison has developed robust utility-grade battery storage solutions to provide reliability to utilities when it’s needed and where it’s needed. Power Edison’s engineered solutions incorporate batteries, inverters, switchgear, safety equipment, mobile transportation platforms and software for battery, energy and fleet management.

Power Edison has also developed barge-based batteries that are at the core of its marine-based solutions. The initial set of its 500-MWh development pipeline is going through final permitting and about to start construction. Power Edison’s barge fleet brings grid storage to key locations where land is at a premium or not available.

“We have developed a full range of innovative, patent-pending solutions offering industry-leading features such as enhanced cybersecurity, ‘plug-and-play’ integration and modularity,” said Yazan Harasis, Director of Projects at Power Edison. “Our software provides asset owners and operators a unified control platform for the various technology assets.”

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