RatedPower updates pvDesign software to align with NEC and IEEE standards

RatedPower has improved the way the NEC is implemented in its pvDesign software for cable sizing, has introduced the IEEE Standards to size interconnection facilities and now provides all of the downloadable documentation in Imperial Units.


During the past months RatedPower’s engineering team has been working hard to improve how the NEC is implemented when designing solar PV projects with pvDesign. Among the most important improvements:

  • Cable ampacity tables have been updated
  • The NEC insulations have been included
  • The ground temperature, thermal resistivity, and trench depth correction factors have been added
  • The sizing of cables regarding the voltage drop has been changed and improved

IEEE Standard

With regard to the implementation of the IEEE standard, pvDesign users can now have their substation (electrical devices, insulation coordination, short-circuit calculations and the busbar calculation) sized in compliance to this standard.

Imperial Units

It has been made clear by RatedPower’s U.S. clients that having an option to download the documentation provided by pvDesign with Imperial Units was essential. Therefore, in order to adapt to clients’ needs, in addition to having the interface in Imperial Units, all the documentation in pvDesign can now also be downloaded in Imperial Units.

Meteo Data Importer

Last but not least, after understanding that SolarAnywhere´s and NREL´s are the most commonly used TMYs in the US, RatedPower has incorporated a meteo data importer that allows users to directly upload SolarAnywhere, NREL, Meteonorm or SolarGIS TMYs.

RatedPower will continue to adapt pvDesign not only to the U.S. market, but to all of the markets where it has presence, trying to fulfill its customer specific needs while staying a global tool.

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