SimpliPhi’s line of LFP batteries receive UL 9540 certification

Following completion of rigorous evaluation by nationally recognized testing labs, a wide range of SimpliPhi Power’s energy storage products and system configurations are approved for Certification under UL 9540. The AccESS, BOSS.6 and BOSS.12 systems can be used individually or in combination to achieve multiple, robust solutions across residential and commercial applications, both on- and off-grid, and AC- or DC-coupled. SimpliPhi Power also completed UL 9540A cell and module testing — the industry’s most stringent fire-safety testing protocols.

“Distributed energy storage is more than just backup power; it is critical to our economic recovery and sustainable energy future, creating savings for customers on their electricity costs and reducing losses compounded by ongoing planned and unplanned power outages,” said Catherine Von Burg, CEO and president of SimpliPhi Power. “Since our founding ten years ago, we have always prioritized the safety and simplicity of installing our best-in-class battery systems. Completing UL 9540A fire testing and receiving our UL 9540 certification provides further assurance to customers and installers, code officials and emergency responders that our range of cost-effective energy storage solutions meet the highest safety standards for resilient battery systems that can be installed in homes and businesses.”

As more energy storage systems are installed in homes and businesses, building and fire codes, which vary from one jurisdiction to another, are rapidly adapting to accommodate customer demand. UL 9540 certification and 9540A fire safety testing eases the burden on local code officials and simplifies the approval process for new installations. Now, this wide selection of SimpliPhi Power system configurations can be approved and installed in just a few weeks.

“Instead of limiting customers to a one-size-fits-all solution, we sought UL certification for a wide range of system configurations, using multiple SimpliPhi equipment components, such as the AccESS Sol-Ark, BOSS.12 and BOSS.6,” said Sequoya Cross, director of global sales & business development for SimpliPhi Power. “From 15.2 kWh up to 136 kWh in one system, including single phase, split-phase, and three-phase setups, we have certified product offerings available to meet the resilient power needs of customers of all types – including residential systems, multi-family apartments, campuses, and commercial and industrial buildings.”

SimpliPhi Power’s network of Elite IQ installers and numerous distributor partners can deliver SimpliPhi’s line of UL 9540-certified lithium iron phosphate (LFP) products all over the world.

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