Solar Power World’s 2021 Most Forward-Thinking Contractor is dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction

The Most Forward-Thinking Contractor award celebrates solar installers devoted to making progress in energy and beyond in hopes of a more sustainable future.

“The long-term happiness of our customers is a very strong focus for us for a very simple reason — solar investment is never a short-term investment. And when we request homeowners to invest in solar with their lifetime savings, it is our ethical duty to serve them and stand behind them for the long-term. Our whole corporation puts in toward customer satisfaction and growing the industry. It is highly rewarding if recognition of such comes through. It is not only an internal team morale booster, but it also sends a message to others, be it customers or other solar companies, to raise their bars toward the betterment of the industry.”

-Omkar Bhandakkar, Solar PV Design Engineer, GreenBrilliance

When Mid-Atlantic residential and commercial installer GreenBrilliance thinks to the future, it’s always with the customer as a core focus. The company’s mission is to save customers more money in the long run rather than focusing on easy, short-term schemes. That’s why all products GreenBrilliance offers are extensively tested, with the company landing on only five manufacturers of durable, trustworthy Made-in-America components.

To enforce accountability, GreenBrilliance developed a 32-point quality rating system. After every installation, a quality assurance engineer walks with the solar customer through an inspection checklist, ensuring they know how their solar system works. GreenBrilliance receives feedback on team expertise, safety and cleanliness, while the customer gains access to performance, technical and operational expectations. Offering the best products and technologies isn’t worth it if the customer is not educated on how their system is expected to perform.

The company is also involved with electrical efficiency research to further improve customer satisfaction and increase energy savings. GreenBrilliance turned to artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce energy losses and have customer solar arrays act more powerful than they are. The company’s patent-pending intelligent transformer technology — called Neurobotz — connects through the electrical circuit, using predictive analytics to create an optimal load curve and reduce kilowatt-hours consumed at one time. Nearly 20% of GreenBrilliance solar customers also receive the Neurobotz transformer, and GreenBrilliance has offered the technology to other installers for their own customers.

The bottom line for GreenBrilliance is increasing solar customer savings, even if that customer is not directly on the company’s client list. The future of the industry depends on the customer satisfaction practices of today.


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