SunCommon adopts Bodhi Solar Customer Experience Platform

17TeraWatts and SunCommon announced a three-year agreement for SunCommon to be the exclusive partner of 17TeraWatts’ Bodhi Solar Customer Experience Platform in Upstate New York and Vermont. Bodhi will enable SunCommon to create engaging and personalized experiences for their residential solar customers and use these good experiences to encourage more homeowners and community members to go solar.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with SunCommon, one of the most highly respected solar companies in the nation,” said Scott Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of 17TeraWatts. “As solar trends toward mainstream adoption, it’s increasingly important that solar companies are able to provide their customers with the digital experience they expect. We’ve seen that even ‘offline customers’ are moving online, and for the first time they will have access to all of their relevant solar system information at the tap of their finger.”

“SunCommon customers are driving the clean energy transition our planet needs, so we look to give them the amazing experience they deserve,” says James Moore, co-founder of SunCommon. “More and more, they’re using online resources to learn about solar, and to stay connected once they make the leap. 17TeraWatts understands what people expect out of their digital tools, and they understand solar. We’re thrilled to be able to share their expertise and the Bodhi platform with our customers across Vermont and New York.”

Bodhi will integrate with SunCommon’s existing Salesforce-based technology stack to automatically give customers critical updates during their permitting, installation and project commissioning as well as put their new solar system specifications and documents at their fingertips. Upon project completion, Bodhi will enable SunCommon’s customers to stay engaged with realtime intuitive monitoring, interactions with their solar community and new clean energy offerings. SunCommon’s service department expects to further improve their customers’ experience by proactively managing systems through Bodhi’s smart inverter-agnostic performance alerts.

News item from 17TeraWatts