Trina Solar releases list of inverters and trackers compatible with large-format G12 solar panels

Trina Solar, the module manufacturer leading the transition to the largest solar wafer size (210-mm/8-in.), has released a list of inverter and tracking system companies with products compatible with the large-form modules.

The large 210-mm wafers (also known as G12 wafers) are supplied by Chinese cell manufacturer Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor (TZS). In addition to Trina, companies like Maxeon and Risen Energy will use TZS-supplied wafers. While the more mainstream M6 wafers (166-mm) can mostly continue to be used in traditionally sized 60- and 72-cell panel frames, even larger M10 and G12 wafers lend to larger-format modules most suitable for utility-scale solar projects and will need updated mounting systems and higher power inverters.

Trina Solar announced it would begin to produce its own “ultra-high power modules products,” include a full launch of compatible inverters in March 2021. The list of additional inverter manufacturers (according to Trina) that already have or will have high-power inverters ready by the end of the year includes: Huawei, Sineng, Sungrow, SMA, GoodWe, Ginlong Solis and Kstar.

Tracker companies that can support large-format modules include: Arctech Solar, Array Technologies, GameChange Solar, Ideematec, Nextracker, PVH, Soltec and TrinaTracker (previously Nclave).

Large-wafer modules produce more power at a lower voltage, which can provide for fewer modules needed in strings. This reduces DC cabling cost, reduces land needed and reduces additional BOS.